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Thom Carr; Certified Reiki Practitioner / Paul Silvia; Certified Reiki Practitioner
Thom has been a practicing REIKI PRACTITIONER and REIKI TEACHER since 1998. He is also certified as a JOHREI PRACTITIONER, combining this with his certifications in ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY PROTOCOLS to provide his clients with exceptional insights. Thom also combines his YOGA and MEDITATION instruction with clients upon request.  Thom has practiced for over 40 years traveling the world to expand his knowledge. 
Reiki is a technique that originated in Japan and is valued for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.  Reiki is a simple, natural technique.

The Japanese term Reiki means 'Universal Energy'.  This universal energy is our own life energy. When our energy is out of balance stress can be felt that can lead to suffering and disease. A typical Reiki session helps to restore balance and well being through relaxation techniques for the mind and body. 

Reiki is traditionally taught is three degrees.  Each degree is progressively more advanced.  Our classes are unique because we teach supplemental Japanese Reiki techniques at each degree that enhance the effectiveness of each degree in the Reiki process.  Thom classes include four attunements in addition to the supplemental Japanese Reiki techniques. 

Reiki First Degree:

The first degree opens the student to the flow of the Reiki energy.  The basic hand positions are introduced here with the basic supplemental Japanese techniques. 

Reiki Second Degree:

The second degree increases the flow of Reiki energy to the student.  Students learn how to focus energy and how to use this energy for mental and physical balance while learning how to give Reiki at a distance. Thom introduces supplemental Reiki techniques in level two that are more advanced in the second attunement.

Reiki Third Degree: 

The third degree of Reiki instruction takes each student to the highest level of Reiki practice. Students are taught several advanced healing attunements as well as an attunement to heighten their Reiki energy.  Several very powerful supplemental Japanese techniques are taught in the third level degree.  

We are taking reservations for Reiki classes now. Classes are limited to 10 students so call now 774 888 0009
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